Benidorm Strippers

KissWelcome to Benidorm Kissograms where organizing your Benidorm kissogram or Benidorm strippergram could not be simpler. We have kissograms and strippergrams for all occasions and events from Stag & Hen Benidorm Party Celebrationsparties to Birthdays, Retirements and all special occasions. We can also organize venues, excursions for your group, limo service, airport transfers, cakes for all occasions and much more.


Stag & Hen

kissOf course there is a lot more to Stag and Hen holidays than kissograms / stripergrams and we can organize a range of activities for Stag & Hen Strippergramsyour party. We have listed many of the most popular Benidorm Excursions on this site but if their is something that you wish to do that we haven’t listed please feel free to contact us and we are sure it can be organized.

Benidorm Strippergrams

kissWe have female and male strippograms and kissograms for all occasions so benidorm stripperwhether you are looking for fun, sexy, rollypolly, uniform, male or female kissograms or strippograms contact us and we will organize the event at your chosen location. We can even provide private venues right here in Benidorm for small or large groups providing you with an enjoyable evening and male stripper benidormkissogram/strippergram that your friend will not forget. So whatever your wishes contact Benidorm Kissograms.

Benidorm Stripper Venue

We have numerous venues for your Benidorm Stripper in town on the square, where Benidorm’s best pubs and clubs are located. For during the day we have suitable strippergram venues on the beachfront, sun sea and strippers, what more do you want? We also have many other venues around town suitable for all stag and hen strippers in Benidorm or birthdays, no matter what your group size or type. Our most popular venue of course is on the square “Champions” that is ideally set up for your Benidorm stripper. This is a fun pub, with mechanical bull, large terrace and your stag/hen will never guess you have a stripper booked.

Champions Benidorm Stripper Venue

This is a fun pub, with mechanical bull, large terrace and your stag/hen will never guess you have a stripper booked. This is a very popular pub in Benidorm and being a great starter pub for a night out it’s an obvious choice. We have been using this venue for many years and all the staff know how it works so your lucky friend will never know they have a stripper booked till the show begins. It is a show, all our Benidorm strippers have their own music, routine and many aspects to their show. This is not just some lad or girl getting their kit off
, there are many funny moments, interaction with your group and yes of course it does include a full strip. If in doubt see our facebook page for reviews Benidorm Strippers Facebook. We are also mind full that there are in laws on your Benidorm hen or Benidorm stag and so for those of you that have any concerns please feel free to contact us