Jess Female Stripper Benidorm

Beautiful Stag Party Stripper

Top Model Strippers For Your Benidorm Stag

If you want the most beautiful female strippers in Benidorm then Jess & her friends are perfect for any Benidorm stag party that wants the best. Jess is our favourite with a very sexy and fun show, She will have your Benidorm stag in many simulated sex positions as each piece of clothing drops to the floor showing off her beautiful natural body. This is for the Benidorm stag do that wants to give their stag the best send off instead of a Benidorm stag stitch up stripper. There are some fun parts to the show, like all our Benidorm female strippers, where he has to eat jelly beans off her bikini and will get his neck trapped between her legs.

Top Model Female Stripper Duo’s

Jess like all models has many beautiful friends and these girls will make equally good use of whipped cream on their own bodies with the lucky Benidorm stag getting to lick it off or and rubbing ice cubes over them, where you are only allowed use your mouth.

Stripper Venues

We have plenty of great Benidorm venues in town and you might feel these girls are too pretty to share and so we have some special venues where you can book the show just for your stag party

Our top models are a little bit more private so you will have to contact us for all the photos

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