Benidorm stag stitch up humiliation

Soraya X-Rated Stripper Benidorm

Extreme humiliation Benidorm stag stitch up

Some Benidorm stag parties are sadistic and then  this is for you of all our Benidorm female strippers this is extreme. If you haven’t guessed what the baseball bat is for by now your on the wrong page. This show involves total humiliation for the stag and really is the sickest Benidorm stag stitch up ever

All that said if you really want to humiliate your stag then we’re on the same page. He will be whipped, sat on, led round like a dog and you will probably need a spare set of clothes for him

Hardcore Finale

At the end she will make herself come with the baseball bat and squirt all over your stag. Due to the extreme nature this is held at a private venue just for your party. Maybe this is too much for you or not enough, well you can always have a male stripper stitch up in drag or combine the two

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