Nikki Female Stripper Benidorm

Naughty Nikki - Stag Party Benidorm Stripper

Feamle stripper with all the curves in all the right places

Nikki is one of our most versatile Benidorm strippers and has a great show that can be tailored made to suit your stag party, so if you just want a regular strip show or something with a bit more of a Benidorm stag stitch up she’s your girl. From start to finish this is a fantastic send off and will be the highlight of your Benidorm stag party.

The show starts with a bit of tease for the group before she selects your stag and puts him in the hot seat and very soon he will have more tits and ass than he knows what do do with. This is a very sexy show but also some fun where she will put whipped cream on her boobs and some lucky guys will get to lick it off and will end up with a face plant of cream. She’ll put your stag and all kinds of sexual positions as each bit of clothing comes off, including some of his. We don’t don’t call her naughty for no reason and she does like to give the stag a good whipping on his bare arse, pleasure and pain is what it is all about and then if you like she can get the candles out.

Benidorm Stag Stitch Up

Depending on what you want you can take this show as far as it goes in the Benidorm stag stitch up. She will start by dripping candle wax on her body first and then ask your party if she should do it to the stag.  She will then drip candle wax onto the stag’s bar chest, I’ve seen her set a lads chest hairs alight with the candles, it doesn’t hurt, well not much anyway but its funny. She’ll even strip the guy down so that she’s dripping candle wax onto his balls, which does hurt. It all depends on the stag, she’ll take the show as far as it goes but she won’t humiliate him unless he’s up for it. She will finish off with giving the stag a proper smack over the arse with here belt and if you don’t think it is hard enough one of the lads can give it a go.

A bit of pleasure and pain or as one stag said he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she’s fit so everyone is happy in the end. Like I say she’s really hot, the show is fun and she gets her kit off, what more do you want! We also have the perfect Benidorm stripper venues so for more details contact us and we’ll give your stag a strip he won’t forget.

Female Strip Show Benidorm

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