Gaby Stag Stitch Up Benidorm

Gabrielle Male Stripper Benidorm

Male stripper Benidorm Stag Stitch Up

In his prime Gaby was actually one of the best male strippers in Benidorm but there comes a time when you are old enough to be the prospective hens father and that isn’t a good look for a male stripper. In the past we had stitched up a couple of stags (before it was even a thing) so we have pushed Gaby past retirement and he has taken to the stag stitch up like a duck to water, now the female strippers have to hide their g-strings from him. Not content with just putting out a male stripper we have even combined this with the pleasure and pain show. This is the ultimate Benidorm stag stitch up…

Male/Female Stripper Combo stitch up

The show starts with one of our very sexy female strippers and the stag, unaware of what is to come, is a happy camper. During her show there is a part where she would blindfold the stag and put lotion on his chest. Normally then the best man/dad etc would rub the lotion in gently while the stripper whispers in your stags ear do you like that, am I making you horny. Eventually the blindfold comes off and he is left looking at his best man/dad and that’s a laugh. Swap in Gaby for this and when the blindfold comes off, it’s an Ant and Dec moment, well he wasn’t expecting that. once you have had enough laughs the female stripper comes back on and continues with her show and gets to the pain part.

Male Stripper Benidorm Stag Stitch Up Solo

You can also if you like not give your Benidorm stag any pleasure and hire Gaby for a full male strip for your Benidorm stag party. This will be the complete show including a full strip, hard on and all just like he would do for the hens years ago

Feel free to contact us for more info.

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