Kinky Karen



Pleasure and Pain
Depending on what you want she can also drip candle wax onto the stag and give him a smack on the arse with her belt. A bit of pleasure and pain or as one stag said he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she’s fit so everyone is happy in the end. You can take this show as far as you want.

I’ve seen her set a lads chest hairs alight with the candles, it doesn’t hurt but its funny. She’s even stripped a guy down so that she’s dripped candle wax onto his balls. It all depends on the stag, she’ll take the show as far as it goes but she won’t humiliate him unless he’s up for it. Like I say she’s really hot, the show is fun and she gets her kit off. To book this all we require is a 50 Euro deposit payable online and then the balance paid on the night.

Want to stitch the stag up proper? There is one part of this show where she blindfolds and handcuffs the stag and puts lotion on his chest, we then have a male stripper come out in drag and rub in the cream while she whispers in the stags ear “do you like that, am I make you hard etc etc. when the blindfold comes off your stag now sees the male stripper, who lap dances the guy for a couple of minutes. But we don’t want to look at a male stripper all night so the girl takes over and finishes with her show. The cost of adding the male stripper is 100 euro extra.


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